Managing Director of  EXPERTOS-EMDR  María Cervera. Psychologist by Complutense University in Madrid. Expert on trauma and crisis. Trained  in Israel, UK and Southafrica.  Master  in different therapeutic approaches such as dynamic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, hypnosis by the Spanish Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, and Rorscharch by the hand of John E. Exner. Trained in energy psychology: Levels I and II, Pat Ogden sensorimotor therapy and dissociative disorders taught by Onno van der Hart and Roger Solomon.

She has co-written several books in Spanish and American publishers on stress, normal and pathological grief, the response to critical incidents, intervention in crisis situations and psychology applied to crisis.

Co-writer of the book «EMDR TREATMENT OF MOBBING AND BULLYING», essential manual for psychotherapists who require an integrated model to address the invisible wound left by the processes of harassment..

More than 20 years working with EMDR

  • Certified as Clinician, Supervisor and European Consultant of EMDR
  • Co-founder and re-elected Secretary of the EMDR Spain Association from 2005 until her resignation in July 2013.
  • Important member of the organizing committee of the XIII European EMDR Congress in Madrid

Europe EMDR Consultant and Supervisor

Email: info@emdrexpertos.com
Phone: 911 256 943

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